steinfix® joint profile


calculator joint profile

Area m2
Short side of plate m
Long side of plate m
Area per plate m2
Number of plates pcs
Number of profiles pcs
Length of profiles m
Total length of profiles m
Number of 2m profiles pcs
Total length of 2m profiles m
Total distance m

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steinfix joint profile for closed joints on split


Steinfix joint profiles solve the problem of open slab joints simply and cleanly. Where the joints are not filled, weeds grow quickly. The joint profile, which is layed in reverse T-shape between the slabs, serves as joint filler and reliably ensures the distance between the slabs. Paving with joint cross falls away. The optical picture of the joint disappears due to the joints being filled.


advantages of steinfix joint profile

  • Prevents weed growth.
  • Discreet joint apprearance due to less shade
  • reduced rocking of the slabs
  • Water drainage due to capillary action
  • Continuous profile rod of 2m length. Cross profile mitred, delivered according to requirement