steinfix® steel

steinfix® steel straight is the efficient alternative to concrete casting of flat steel. 

With advantage - steinfix® steel 

  • Concreting is unnecessary, therefore easier and faster paving.
  • deutliche Einsparung beim Flachstahl gegenüber Einbau in Beton
  • robust and ready for immediate use.
  • Tare weight of the covering fixes the profile to the welded-on mesh.
  • Developed for rolled asphalt, mesh resistant up to 270°C.
  • For flat steel profiles up to 10mm thickness and 120mm height (flat steel not included).
  • The top edge of the flat steel can be adjusted to the millimeter with the use of levelling wedges.
  • steinfix steel round: Mouldable by hand due to the profile being slotted.


Steinfix has successfully been established on the market for over 10 years and is made of recycled rigid PVC.


Mounting tip: Place the steinfix steel on the soil layer and the flat steel in the profile. Thin steel profiles are additionally fixed in the groove with wedges. Bring the profile into position and fix it temporarily with nails. With the use of levelling wedges, the upper edge of the flat steel can be adjusted to the exact millimeter (max. plus 9 mm). The covering material can now be added. Through the covering of the geonet, welded to the profile (approx. 50 cm wide), the steinfix steel is immovable.

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