steinfix® net

steinfix®net – secures without concrete and nails

Steinfix net ensures a particular solid and efficient edge. The netting which is welded to the profile, is grounded in the grit by means of the tare weight of the slabs. The slabs are now immovable.   

With advantage steinfix® net

  • Secure hold due to the weight of the slab on the mesh. The mesh is reinforced by the grit.
  • Ideal for roof constructions or situations with low installation heights.
  • No longer brown lawn edges. Due to the holes in the profile, the lawn is supplied with sufficient moisture right up to the edge.
  • Robust and ready for immediate use.
  • for the laying of garden slabs, interlocking stones, paving slabs, concrete slabs and natural stone slabs


Steinfix has successfully been established on the market for over 10 years and is made of recycled rigid PVC.

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