ferrofix® ceiling

ferrofix guarantees concrete coverage.

ferrofix ceiling is the reliable spacer for ceilings, used by specialised and experienced steel fixers.


ferrofix offers more:

  • stable and impact-resistant even for heavy weight:  guarantees secure distance to the formwork

  • up to 50% less spacers required, due to being dimensionally stable. The rebar diameter provides the distance between the ferrofix. (e.g.: ø 8mm = distance 80cm)

  • speady placing of the rods due to raster notches for the rebars. The first layer of rebars must not be fixated

  • excellent bonding with the concrete due to the numerous recesses (1/3 of the profile surface)


ferrofix has successfully been used in the market since 30 years and made of 100% recycled hard PVC

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