Our family enterprise

Profilsager ag is a family business and supplies the building sector with in-house products in the form of plastic profiles. The profiles are developed and produced in Switzerland at our factory in Dürrenäsch. We develop and produce usefulprofile solutions in an extrusion process of PVC, WPC and other plastics.


Company profilsager ag is situated in the lush green Seetal countryside. The view from our office and factory building is symbolic for the broad horizon our Company fosters in solution approaches of the tricks in the building industry. We simplify construction work.


Customer service in the procurement, product innovation and efficiency in the application, set apart the properties of our trademarks. We develop, produce and market our products for the application in shell construction, interior work and for gardening and landscaping.

Development of profilsager ag


  • Profile extrusion since the mid-1950’s as a division of Sager AG Dämmstoffe (insulating materials).
  • 1988 marked the beginning of the success story of ferrofix® reinforcement spacers.
  • 2004 successful market launch of steinfix®.
  • 2008 Spin-off from Sager AG. Rudolf Sager established and lead profilsager ag as an independent family business.
  • January 2013 occupation of the new building.
  • 2016 transfer of the company to Stephan Sager.



  • Manufacturing of plastic profiles for the builder, floor layer, garden- and landscape builder, providing best benefits for the user.
  • Development of solutions in profile form, offering the user advantages, whether in the form of cost and time savings or technical advantages. Developing the optimal profile geometry.
  • Prototype manufacture and practical test.
  • Manufacture of plastic profiles by extrusion and post-processing of the profiles by means of punching, drilling, welding and paint coatings.
  • Processing of transparent and coloured plastics, focussing on soft PVC (PVC-P), hard PVC (PVC-U) and WPC (wood-plastic-composite).